ADHD is a mental health condition that causes hyperactivity in behavior.
People suffering from this can focus their attention on one task or spend a long time.
You can refuse a bit of trouble to sit still. Many problems in ADHD
There are combinations such as difficulty maintaining attention, hyperactivity and impulsivity Behavior.
ADHD affects children and adults and can last into adulthood.
This is the most common mental disorder that children have to deal with.
Affected children can be overactive and cannot control their impulses
Such behavior interferes with life at school and at home.
ADHD is more common in boys than in girls.
It is usually diagnosed in the early years of school, when the child needs attention.
Adults with ADHD need to manage time, aim, and stay organized.

According to the researcher, the exact cause of ADHD has not been known to anyone. But there can be some causes and risk factors of ADHD.
For example, due to any kind of disease or injury in the brain, the brain does not function properly and is unable to control emotion, behavior.
Children may have a problem with ADHD due to genetic reasons.
Many changes occur in the brain of children affected by ADHD, due to which the brain fails to perform its function.
Chemical imbalances occur in children suffering from ADHD, in which the chemical imbalances of the children's brain can be out.
During pregnancy, the woman does not get a balanced diet, due to poor lifestyle, alcohol, smoking and consumption of drugs, the child's brain does not develop and the child becomes mentally weak.

The child was born prematurely.
Mother's drinking during pregnancy.
Come in contact with a toxic substance during pregnancy.
Having a mental disorder can put you at risk for ADHD.
Certain environmental toxins may increase the risk of ADHD.

Symptoms in children">children
Not following anyone's instructions.
Don't listen to anyone.
Making mistakes everywhere be it at school or at home.
Not doing any work properly.
Forgetting to do your homework.
Always be sad
Don't be patient about anything.
Shouting at the slightest thing.
Talk more.
These symptoms are seen on elders
Don't get distracted by anything easily.
Nothing is planned.
Always be sad
Always be in depression.
Getting restless over small things.
Having problems with jobs and relationships.
Always delaying everything.
Turning things around

Finding out if a child has ADHD is a process with several steps. There is no single diagnosis of ADHD. However, all problems are taken into account to make an ADHD diagnosis. You may ask for similar symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, sleep problems and some types of learning disabilities.
Common tests can be done to rule out other problems along with ADHD-like symptoms in children.
To diagnose ADHD, parents are usually asked about the symptoms in their children. Apart from this, information about the behavior can be obtained from the teacher.
If any health problems are noticed, the doctor does a physical examination.
If a parent feels that their child is showing symptoms of ADHD, talk to their doctor. Apart from this, you can tell about ADHD from the teacher of the child. Investigates the problems of the children in the school so that their actions can be corrected. If there are signs of ADHD, the child may be referred to a specialist for treatment.

ADHD can be treated on a symptomatic basis.
To control the behavior, a dose of certain drugs can be given so that some degree of improvement can be done. Apart from this, this medicine is a stimulant which does not affect everyone.
Some people recommend taking a diet rich in omega 3 to reduce the effects of ADHD. According to some scientists, Omega 3 can prove beneficial in the treatment of ADHD.
Certain therapies may be used in the treatment of ADHD. Social education, psychotherapy, behavioral modification etc.
Social Education - In this, behavior is improved.
Psychotherapy - In this, the therapist teaches you about the way you behave and how to live in the family, it helps in increasing self-esteem.
Behavior Modification - In this, bad behavior is changed and made good.
Core Education - Helps to teach children in school so that children affected by ADHD can be helped.

The following measures can be taken to protect children from ADHD.
When a woman is pregnant she should take special care of her health so that there is no negative effect on the health of the baby.
During pregnancy the woman should avoid the consumption of intoxicants, smoking, and alcohol.
Avoid leaving children in a place where there is a risk of cigarette smoke and infection.
According to some studies, watching more TV and mobile can cause ADHD in children, so children should be allowed to watch less TV and mobile.